‘UPRISER’ Press – mud based Blank Organic Granules are very good alternative of Betnoite Granules, to be used as base in Bio Fertilizers. These Organic Granules are based on solid state aerobic microbial fermentation technology using press mud from sugar mill and treated distillery effluent which is mixed with naturally available agriculture grade gypsum.
The comparative chart given below will clearly show the advantage of Organic Granules over Bentonite Granules in Bio – Fertilizers.
Bentonite Granules Organic Granules
1. Shape & Size Irregular shapes & size Granules are round in shape just like DAP
2. Nutrient Contents Almost Nil Good Percentage of N, P, Iron, Calcium, Magnesium, Copper
3. Soil Conditioner No use to Soil Very good soil conditioner
4. Packing Packed in old cement bags leads to loading & unloading Wastages Packed in New 50 kg HDPE Bags
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